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misti blu two

ft Taka Boom w sis Chaka Khan & bro Mark Stevens

We are Andy Kulesza, Karl Robin Junga and Matt Shelton and we’re back – with a Boom. Taka Boom to be precise, Chicago soul chanteuse of Dave Lee Jr (formerly Joey Negro), Undisputed Truth, Prince and Parliament repute. She brought big sis Chaka Khan and esteemed bro Mark Stevens back to the party for the 2024 misti blu two reboot of our noughties chill classic – originally championed by Pete Tong & Mary Anne Hobbs…

It’s a complete retake borne from transatlantic catchup calls establishing that everyone felt this record could’ve and should be done.. even better. Montgomery’s classic is a world turner. The record wanted to speak anew and it was our duty to listen. So we’re proud to bring you misti blu two and its brand new suite of remixes, that are all aimed at communicating this song’s unfathomable oneness of the joy of presence… and the sadness of loss.

listen to amillionsons official

Bio With Hiatus

We’ve done a six week Billboard #1 smashing Weekend Players’ dance remix, Tangoed with Ben Onono, lain on the TOTP cutting room floor, headlined Ibiza sunsets, sampled Muhammed Ali staying off the Simpsons’ dope and been described by BBC Music as ‘one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the British dance scene since Massive Attack’…

We’ve also been silent for a decade. But it’s given way to a surge of creativity. Originally, some of the press penned us as ‘a groundbreaking fusion of Balearic beats, old school vibes and masterful use of samples’. We wish it were that simple. See, we like rock, metal, grime, folk, classical.. tbh the a-z of good music inspires us. Genre-melting is our one true genre. But genre-based media can’t see us when we’re not on their favourite run.

The only sure fire thing musical thing about us is we’re happiest off-piste. We follow the music wherever it leads. We like to recycle, repurpose and reimagine new music. In 2023 we released our remastered, then rare, debut LP ‘The First One’s Free’ which shows our musical workings loud and proud. And we’re back at it – mixing, mashing, colabing… following our collective musical muse out of area. And we’ve got more exciting new releases in the pipeline. Follow us on the channels below to share in it.